Shanti Bohemian New Releases (2)

Hello ^_^..

As my promises on my early post before for Shanti Bohemian New Releases, here are the other 2 (two) of them, Shanti Twameva Mesh Outfit and Shanti Tokyo Mesh Outfit :)..

Hope all have a nice week, keep smiling and have fun!...^_^...

Lullaby's wearing

Twameva and Tokyo Outfit - Shanti Bohemian New Releases
Hair : Little Bones - Tainted Love, Truth - Jinx
Lips : The Galaxy Stars - The Blink Hunts - Wow Skins
Necklace : Enfant Terrible - Moonchild for Fantasy Gacha Fair
                Meeyaw Necklace - Bens Beauty - for Love Hunts (hunts over)

SIM : Wintermoon


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