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Shanti Gypsy Angel Outfit, New Item from Shanti Bohemian ^_^.. 

Lullaby's Outfit :
Shanti Gypsy Angel - Shanti Bohemian Hair : Truth  Necklace - Boho Necklace - Pure Poison Group Gift Bangles - Harvest Bangles Chop Zuey
Also I would like to thank you my friend Gabriel Scott Rose for allow me using his place to making these picture, it was a lovely place ^_^....


A friend gave me this Coat, Scarfs and Socks too, so I blogged this for him, the picture I showed here is my version :), the second one is my friend version.

My Friend version of Departure Picture

Made this for you Sam :) and thank you very much for the picture, appreciate ^_^
Lullaby's Wearing :
Hair : *Argrace* - Mizuki Coat : Maitreya - Oversized Coat Fuschia Scarf : Maitreya - Voluminous Scarf black Socks : Maitreya - Dahlia Socks Flirt Bag : BSD Design Studio

Shanti Bohemian New Releases (2)

Hello ^_^..
As my promises on my early post before for Shanti Bohemian New Releases, here are the other 2 (two) of them, Shanti Twameva Mesh Outfit and Shanti Tokyo Mesh Outfit :)..

Hope all have a nice week, keep smiling and have fun!...^_^...
Lullaby's wearing
Twameva and Tokyo Outfit - Shanti Bohemian New Releases Hair : Little Bones - Tainted Love, Truth - Jinx Lips : The Galaxy Stars - The Blink Hunts - Wow Skins Necklace : Enfant Terrible - Moonchild for Fantasy Gacha Fair                 Meeyaw Necklace - Bens Beauty - for Love Hunts (hunts over)
SIM : Wintermoon

Shanti Bohemian New Releases

Hello :)...
Another New Releases from Shanti Bohemian ^_^, there are 3 (three) new releases items, but today I want to show you one of them, this outfits name Shanti Wahe Jio and its has 5 different sizes.

The other 2 (two) new releases will coming soon :), keep smiling, have fun and enjoy your Secondlife ^_^.
Lullaby's wearing :
Hair : *Argrace* - Azusa Skin : WOW Skins - Sid GG March Necklace : Lazuri Diona V1- Free for non member Outfit : Shanti Bohemian - Shanti Wahe Jio

The Haunted Maze Hunts

Hello there  ^_^...
Shanti Bohemian is having an in store hunts named The Haunted Maze Hunts, its held from 1st October - 30 November 2014, there are 10 tiny pumpkins to be search in a special place for this hunts, and enjoy the new experience of doing hunts on Shanti Bohemian Store , ooh beware of the spiders and others surprises in this hunts ;), below is the entrance to a place to do the hunts.

And for the gifts, I will give a bit sneak peek ;)...some of the pumpkins gifts are wearable and others are fun decorations for halloween, go and visit the store and grab all the tiny pumpkins ^_^,  good luck and enjoy the hunts :)

Yups, these are some of the gifts on this hunts and that spider too ^_^....well enjoy the fun and happy hunting...see you all there :)...
Lullaby's wearing :

Outfit : Shanti Bohemian - The Haunted Maze Hunts
Skin - Wow Skin - Sid GG March
Hair : Magika - Road , Emo-tions - Aponi, Argrace 

SIM : Frisland