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Yokana Group Gift

Visit Yokana Store yesterday and they have some nice group gifts, cost 50L to join and we get 9 items ;), sounds a good deal :)), but I just got 2 items to showed here, others will came up later, put the snap of the Group Gifts ;)...

here is the Slurl to Yokana Store
Hair : Exile - Dancing on my own for The Arcade Gacha Event Shoes : Love Flower Shoes - FINESMITH
SIM : Basilique Town

Take a Walk and Enjoy The Music

Have a nice weekend ^_^, doing favorite things surely do fun fun and fun ;)....

Hope all my friends enjoy the weekend ^_^, keep smiling, stay humble, stay positive and enjoy SecondLife xoxo....

Lullaby's Outfit :

Hair : Truth - Maiko White 
Skin - Wow Skins - Chanel Tan
Lips : Glam Affair Elit Lipstick 11
Jacket : Purplemoon Creations- Erica Jacket in Red Mesh
Skirt : Delirium Style - Lili Belt Mini
Hands n Feet : Slink
Shoes : Candy Doll - Eleanora Vine

Should I Throw The Bag?

Nope, I will not throw the bag out :))...its from Immortals gift for Around The Grid in 80 days Hunts, Steampunk Bag and Also Steampunk Hat ( I did not showed the hat here, but its cool ). Went to The Wash Chart Sale this morning and I found this casual outfit from B!asta.

Lullaby's outfit :
Hair : Truth - Lovers Top and Short : Hug Me Darling - B!ASTA for The Wash Cart Sale (10L) Shoes : Messina Heels - Loordes of London Bag : Steampunk Bag for Around The Grid in 80 days Hunts Hands n Feets : Slink Sim : The Green Mire Swamp

Shanti Bohemian Latest Release!

Hello there again ^_^....

Shanti Bohemian had another Latest Release..woot!...;), Shanti Ice Shimmer Poets Dress Mesh, and there other 5 dresses with different colors ;) here is the SLurl to the Shanti Bohemianinworld store and go choose your favorite color ^_^...
Simple dress for enjoying the day on Secondlife but also stylish ;)...

Another Items will came up ^_^...keep smiling, stay humble and keep positive, have fun and enjoy our SecondLife xoxox....
Lullaby's Dress : Shanti Ice Shimmer Poets Dress Mesh - Latest Release from Shanti Bohemian Hair : Aria - Truth Hands n Feet : Slink Shoes :*{Junbug} Sophisticated Pumps - Blue for Epic Gacha Market

Shanti Bohemian New Release

Hello again ^_^...
I am happy to be the newest Shanti Bohemian blogger ^_^ and  here is the New Release of Shanti Bohemian outfit named Shanti Bohemian Keats Mesh with new Swash Jacket and new strap boots;), very suits for the fall <3 <3...

Another items will come up later, feel free to visit Shanti Bohemian store inworld ;), hope all my friends have a wonderful weekend, have fun! ^_^...
Lullaby's Outfit :
Outfit : Shanti Keats Outfit - Shanti Bohemian New Release Hair : Elika Blondes - Elikatira Jewelry (Necklace and Earrings) - Madrid Jewelry Set by Zuri Jewelry (3k members gift) Handbag : Vintage Bag from Cherry Hunts Purplemoon ( the hunts is over ) Skin : Anais Milk Special Edition Wow Skins ( Lucky Board ) Hands : Slink

Travelling With Gypsy Hunts

Hello, hello...another hunts on Secondlife ^_^..and this time I follow the Travelling With Gypsy Hunts.
There are many nice gifts waiting for us on this hunts and its cost 0L, and  the hints of the hunts is in this link ;)
The outfit I want to share is from one store that following this hunts, Shanti Bohemian, the outfits includes necklace, bracelet, headpiece and also tambourine ;)...

Another items will come up, hope all my dear friends enjoy our Secondlife ^_^...have fun, keep smiling and stay positive, xoxo.

Lullaby's Outfit :

Outfit : Shanti Bohemian Caravan Gypsy Outfit Mesh for Travelling With Gypsy Hunts
Hair : Lucinda - EMO-tions
Skin : Anais Milk Special Editions - WOW Skins (Lucky Board)
Hands and Feets : Slink
Sandals : Messina Heels - Loordes of London
SIM : Sarawak