Sail Over Seven Seas

Day by day I miss you so
You have to go my love
Where a ship so far away
You don't tell that will return
Before the autumn comes
Everyday I dream of you...

In my dream a little seagulls
Flying through the darkest night
Searching for some teardrops in
The wind with the ship of lonely loveless
I sail over seven seas
Try to find the captain of my heart

I sail over seven seas
To find to your heart
I sail through the darkest night
I sail to your heart
I sail over seven seas
To find to your heart
I sail with the winter night
Oh... alone in the dark
I don't fear the stormy night
And night don't feel too cold
All because I miss you so
In the distance I can see
The island of my home
Oh... I like to be with you

Courtesy of Youtube*

Lullaby's outfit :

Hair : ploom. Yar! - Candy Rare ( Fantasy Gacha Fair )
Dress : Alchemy - Pirate Wench ( Fantasy Gacha Fair)
Skins : Wow Skins - Star GG July Tan 2014
Jewelry : Zuri Rayna - Czarina Peacock ( Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet ) / Fun in the sun hunts
Shoes : Latreia Tiffani Black
Hands from Slink
Poses : Paper Bird from Infiniti - Fantasy Gacha Fair


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