Cause I love nature....

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening  ^_^

Haven't on blog for a while :), hope all of you are doing great and fine....
Ok, don't want to beat around the bush, I want to share a little my journey on Secondlife..
I have a dance date ;), and like any other woman I dressed up for my dance date ^_^....
Wearing Drew Gown a group gift for member from Purplemoon Creations, the gown is so lovely...

Finished with my dressed up and while waiting for my date, I went to one beautiful place on Secondlife its name Runestone , there is also a place to dance too there :), for me that place is like a magical place with its nature view, feeling very peaceful and calm when visiting a beautiful places with nature view which I like it very much, but too bad I have not explore all the place, only some of them :)
Here are the pictures of the Runestone :), enjoy ^_^.....

Lullaby's wearing :

Hair : *Argrace* Mizuki
Headpiece is a from a hunt from 2013 (forgot the hunts name)
Eyes : KMADD - VIP welcome gift
Skins : WOW Skins - Sid GG March
Necklace : Vine Necklace Vero Modero GG
Gown : Drew Gown Members Gift from Purplemoon Creations
Shoes : Essenz - Lima ( Creme)


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