A Village One Morning


No Spring in a place I live in, but I do have my own imagination about this season...
Spring... the season where flowers bloom, birds singing, fresh air, green grass, children playing around in a park, listening to a music in an open air...whoaa so many wonderful things playing in my mind ;).....
Here in SecondLife, I went to a place where I can feel all those in my imagination :D...the sim is Dawn of Radiance, and wearing dress from LivGlam [Spring14] Wish I could fly for TRPH5 I feel so cheerful and fresh ^_^....

While I am on Dawn of Radiance as usual  I took pictures of the place I visited, when the morning came up and the sky are blue, found a place to relax in among the butterflies and other cute animals, and there are scenery that how people doing their works, and the children playing, what a simple life in my humble opinion :)...

Lullaby's wearing :

Hair : Magika Many
Eyes : KMADD VIP Gift (Subscribe Gift) Attention-lasting
Jewelry : Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet and Ring from Moondance Jewel Spring Fling (TRPH5)
Dress : Shirt, Vest and Skirt from LivGlam for TRPH5
Shoes : Latreia - Tifanny Black
Bag : Vintage Bag from Cherry Hunt Purplemoon Creations (the hunts no longer available)
Skin : WOW Skin - Sid Group Gift March (free for member / 300L to join this group)


  1. beautiful photos Lullaby I love your blog

  2. thank you very much Nillia....^_^...hugsss....<3


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